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  • Our experience with SunshineAisles was splendid. We had a free mind and didn’t have to worry about anything regarding protocol. From the pick-up of the bride to ushering during the ceremony to reception and gift table management, everything was handled exquisitely. She was in constant touch with us in the run-up to the wedding updating us and asking for our preferences. We are deeply grateful for her service.   —Robert & Rose Coleman


  • Working with SunshineAisles has been one of the best in the event management sector. With efficiency and professionalism at its peak, you can be rest assured that your event is in good They are not only ready to work with your concept but go out of their way to propose innovative ideas to make your event a success. Time is of essence to them and u can always count on them to coordinate your event just as you desire and even beyond. For the best, bespoke protocol management for your events, I recommend you look no further. Choose SunshineAisles all day, every day.  – Mrs. Maron Esinam Robertson, CEO, Cyron Events


  • Being a person noted for high level of excellence and precision, when handling the events of others, I used to get such comments like “who will do it for you when it gets to your turn?”  My wife and I were particular about who handles our event because it was of paramount importance that it went without a hitch. Sunshine and her team (SunshineAisles) did not disappoint at all, right from the planning to its execution. Their timeliness, attention to details, high levels of coordination and professionalism, as well as the ability to bring on board innovative ideas and to adjust to the needs of their client made our event unique, and attracted many positive and complimentary feedback from family and friends. – Benedict & Akosua Mbeah-Baiden



  • SunshineAisles haven’t consulted on my event yet but following their blog has given me wealth of knowledge I truly appreciate. Their articles tell of their professionalism and in-depth knowledge in the area of relationships, marriage, and wedding ceremonies. I have no doubt they are excellent in this field and will always deliver a great job. – Nancy Nyarko, CEO, TBH Africa


  • Most often brides are not allowed to do anything on their big day, other than simply to revel in beauty and splendor. In order to have that peace of mind while you enjoy being the center of attention and trusting that nothing negative mars your big day, you can definitely count on the services of Sunshine Aisles. Prior to the wedding, she gave me great consult and I applied it to the latter and voila! the programme was a huge success. SunshineAisles also took care of protocol at my event and the job was excellently carried out. There was not even a single record of something going wrong. The programme was adhered to just as we agreed; there was order and coordination was flawless. From activating plan B’s such as taking the bible reading for the reader who was held up, and other important but less regarded roles such as ensuring that there is knife on the cake table; she has her eagle eye everywhere and your wedding is a success when you contract SunshineAisles.  – Mrs. Jessica Yemoteley Aryeetey