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Pricing & Packages Of Services


Coordination Only – We oversee the protocol service work with people chosen by the couple

Coordination with Staff – We handle the protocol service with our staff.


Please find below what our protocol service may entail depending on your preference.

  1. Ushering at both church & the reception grounds
  2. Assist in serving at the reception
  3. Follow up on all service providers before & on the d-day
  4. Follow up on all people who may be playing roles during the ceremony
  5. Ensure drinks & water are refrigerated the day before
  6. If ice needs to be ordered before hand, ensure it’s done at least a week to the day
  7. Ensure DJ is properly set up
  8. All Bible readers, MC & anyone who may be playing a role, we ensure they are at the grounds on time
  9. Ensure ministers & specified guests by the couple are properly served
  10. Clean up the venue after all is said & done
  11. Ensure programme for service is brought to church grounds on time and ministers, couple have their copies
  12. We arrive at programme grounds at least two hours before start of the service to ensure all is on-course and if something is not, intervene quickly
  13. We ensure the gifts table is set up, & we train the gift custodians unto what to do exactly
  14. Ensure the gift favours, packets of envelopes & a note book for recording are present.
  15. I ensure seats are reserved for close family members & some dignitaries
  16. After the ceremony, ensure the gifts & envelopes are properly handed over to the couple or to the chosen person the couple has clearly communicated for us to give it to
  17. Assist the MC in ensuring that the programme goes as planned
  18. Ensure all protocol team members are properly dressed & labelled clearly
  19. Ensure the portion of cake that is for the couple is properly packaged & given to the couple
  20. We hardly sit during the programme, we are always walking & observing making sure guests are fine.
  21. We attend to guests needs as and when.



After we have agreed on the fine details on the service needed, our  service charge will be discussed based on the specifics agreed upon and your budget.