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Dine In Or Take-Away?

During my sister’s wedding reception, we thought we had everyone who needed a packed meal covered. People such as the pastors, choir (we were told they needed their food separately) and some groups of people who may have travelled far for the wedding and will not be staying for the reception. So you can imagine […]

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the invite

    A friend recently sent me her pre-wedding photos ; when I read the details, it is about six weeks to the said date and I was very elated. I was elated because she had given me sometime to schedule her event on my calendar if possible. In this day and age where most […]

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what’s the colour of your dress?

“and the Bride Wore White” by Dannah Gresh was the title of one of the books I read during my undergraduate days. Its title tickled my fancy and I wondered what it was all about and so i hurriedly picked it from the shelves of Challenge Bookshop. This book shows how to break off sinful […]

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  About a month ago, I decided to honour a friend’s wedding invitation- the wedding ceremony was scheduled to start at 11:30am. I arrived at the church grounds at noon and by then bride had already arrived and the service was in session. I was impressed. In about two hours, the church service had ended. […]

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Wedding Programmes

When we draw up our wedding programmes , please let us ensure we “triple” proof read it. Kindly ensure that all names are properly written and spelt correctly. A friend asked me to perform a role at her wedding reception. I was really sad when I looked at my copy of the programme and realised […]

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Wedding Cakes

I love those cakes that just melt in my mouth…heavenly! However, I have never been a fun of those served at wedding receptions. Some are just bitter and dry and I used to wonder why couples spend so much on something that does not always taste nice . However as I became more mature I […]

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Protocol Forum

Dear friends, please when do you think is the right time for the couple to put all protocol team members on one platform so they can dialogue?🏿👂🏿👂🏿 Okay so here goes: one week to time is late ; at least three weeks to time is fine. This is necessary because it will give enough time […]

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The Protocol

So you have accepted to serve as protocol for your friend or relative’s wedding. Please do not put the matter to rest and just show up on the day. Kindly inquire from your friend or relative what exactly he or she needs you to do. If there is a protocol head, your friend / relative […]

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Glad To Be Back

Wowww.. It has been a long time and I am glad to be back. During these past months, I have been reflecting on the role of the protocol team at wedding ceremonies. As a couple, why do you choose to have a protocol team? What do you consider before choosing individuals to be part of […]

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