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About Us

Though the wedding ceremony is a day’s event, it can be made worth remembering for a lifetime with memories that make the event the reference point for every perfect wedding. This is what SunshineAisles seeks to serve her clients.
Established in Ghana to be the wedding consultancy hub that offers bespoke counsel for couples for their impending marriage ceremonies.

We offer consultancy services on the grey areas that are usually overlooked during the planning/celebration of marriage ceremonies. We do not have to necessarily plan your event; you can do the planning, run it by us and we could chip in some ideas or highlight some areas that one needs to pay attention to. Thus, making your event one that one has been carefully thought through the nitty-gritties that could ruin your otherwise beautiful event.


These consultancy services are not only for the would-be couples but for everyone. You may either be playing a role or even as a guest, you need to know exactly what to do. We offer our clients the one-stop wedding consultation services- all you need to know to bring out the SHINE in your ceremony; we are there to share it all. We give you the perfect wedding you have always wished for.


To be the consultant of choice for your walk down the Aisle.


Creating lasting memories with a touch of class.