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Washroom Check!!!


Have you ever been at any event say a marriage ceremony where you have had the urgent need to freshen up? How was the experience? Smooth? Or you had to quickly make a dash to a nearby home or there was surely a washroom but no running water and soap; much more tissue?

Over the period; one of the places I have observed that we forget about in the midst of our wedding planning is the washroom. Are the washrooms at your chosen venue neat? Are they easily accessible?

There was a funeral thanksgiving service at church and one woman seated by me asked where the washrooms were. I showed her and went about my business. I was in awe when this woman returned and gave me feedback. Thank God it was a good one! She said, “Your washrooms are very neat.” What if it had been a negative feedback? Well, I have had that too; when a wedding guest walked up to me to say, ” ohh there is no hand washing liquid in the washroom .” I was embarrassed.

So what’s my point here? As we ensure that the decor person props up our church venue and reception grounds; let’s speak to the people who mann our venues about the washrooms. If there are no washrooms available, then we will need to make provision for the mobile washrooms.

Tell the people in charge respectfully that you will want the place to be spic and span …sometimes it won’t take much …just a little token for them to pay attention to the place for you.  Sometimes they may tell you some toiletries you may need to provide. Check the place out yourself and find out what is needed and provide them.  Also ask the protocol team to also keep an eye the place.

We wouldn’t want our guests leaving our programme because are washrooms messed up…Running water, soap, tissue and nice smelling air fresheners are some needful miscellaneous items …please put them on your things to buy/ to check list if your venue does not provide them.

Please don’t assume; Ask and place someone in charge of ensuring that washroom (s) is neat and accessible throughout the event.