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My Reflections on B’Concept’s “This Thing Called Marriage-Season 1”

It’s been an extremely long break and I am terribly sorry about it but I am back for good. I’m really grateful to my friend Nancy who consistently kept urging me on. Soo, what have I been up to? Let me gist you a bit on some lessons I picked up from a movie series I recently watched .

One of my dear friends , who knows very well how much effort it takes for me to watch a movie much more a Series 😅, recommended that I watch this series titled “ This Thing called Marriage” . I started with Season 1 and realized that the episodes’ duration were pretty short so it worked out fine for me.

As I watched each episode  , one thing that hit me pretty hard is that , I realized marriage is  more than focusing so much on what my partner wants and/or what I want…the “me , myself & I “ is too much…to the extent that when it’s not as I  want it …then there is a problem…I believe that as much as we may want to do what each other likes …there’s more work for us to do in the marriage than that…our marriages are evangelistic tools ( first to each other , our children ( if any),  family, neighbours and the society as a whole.

Also, I believe we really need to carefully look at the reasons why we marry; if all our reasons are on the physical, forgetting that marriage is also a spiritual affair then we will loose it. So your wife won’t cook and doesn’t want children at a  time which is not favourable to you and so you will cheat? And you think that is justifiable enough? Your husband has offended you and so you will keep holding on to it till eternity ? Who loses? To the extent that our hearts are so hardened that we refuse godly counsel ? You marry your wife because she had a body hugging figure and so she does not have it now and hell breaks loose?

Our marriage on earth is just like our relationship with Christ where He is the bridegroom…the Bible says while we were yet sinners he loved us ( Romans 5:8) . He hates sin and punishes us for them but He forgives us completely when we repent and He is always ready to welcome us in His loving arms . These are the ways in which we need to strive to relate with each other in our marriages.

Marriage was instituted by God and not by man …we do not marry as our culture and society says …and definitely not as our personal preferences ( which are not aligned to God’s will) will have it . I believe that if we want to have a  Christian Marriage ; need to know that it’s a higher calling not for immature men and women. Having the ceremony in a church does not make it a Christian marriage.

And you know ; if we are disconnected from the source that’s God…definitely it will be all about us.  Marriage is God’s serious business ; please let’s not forget.