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Where are my Guests? a sequel to Dine In or Take-Away…

Imagine going the extra mile to create a beautiful ambiance for your guests at your wedding reception. You provide seats with tables with matching table covers & beautiful centerpieces; all because you will want to share a meal with them on your special day. You want them to feel comfortable and enjoy with you. You provide good music.  Lo & behold! you realize from your seat that almost half of the guests do not stay but line up for take-aways and then leave soon after. That is disheartening; is it not?

I will like to submit to that, if we are invited for a wedding reception and it is a Dine In reception; let’s kindly do well to sit through. If for some reason you will not be able to do that, and then please exit quietly. Some may sit through and when leaving go for an extra pack of food. To the extent that we will visit the nearby provision/corner shop and buy disposables bowls when we are told there are no take-away packs by the caterers. Oh dear!

As much as the couple may make plans to cater for such occurrences, these occurrences should be minimal. Let us be empathetic in how we behave when we grace such events. Otherwise, then I think we need to abandon the whole idea of Dine- In receptions ( Buffet style) and  focus on packed meals since majority seem to want to take something home.

Let’s be gracious in our actions. We love it when you stay please…#SunshineAisles