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Dine In Or Take-Away?

During my sister’s wedding reception, we thought we had everyone who needed a packed meal covered. People such as the pastors, choir (we were told they needed their food separately) and some groups of people who may have travelled far for the wedding and will not be staying for the reception.

So you can imagine my shock and embarrassment when we had close relatives coming over to the caterers to “instruct” them to pack food for individuals. Where were these individuals when we were putting together the list of the number of packed food we needed? More especially, when the head chef had specifically explained to us that he doesn’t like to be disrupted when the reception starts. This was exactly what I wanted to avoid; but here I was deep in this mess.

I have had similar experiences when protocoling for other wedding ceremonies and many times these occurrences get the caterers angry. And they keep saying “this was not part of the arrangement”. As much as I know caterers plan for contingencies, I totally side with them when they become very irritated over these situations.

In order to avoid these unpleasant situations, we the couple have the responsibility of doing needful during our planning for the food service. I will suggest we do the following:

  • Identify the number of people who you are sure you will serve the packed food to. Please ask your parents/guardians for their input too.
  • Get hold of a reliable person who will take these packages from the caterer and be the custodian of them.
  • Kindly add an extra number to the number identified above to cater for any eventualities.
  • Communicate this to the caterer and be very sure you are both on the same page.
  • Please inform all major stakeholders (Parents/ Guardians/Siblings etc) to contact the named food custodian when the need arises.
  • Kindly ensure you introduce the named food custodian to the caterer and to the major stakeholders.
  • Finally, please buy an extra pack of disposable packs, tissues, cutlery and nice carrier bags just in case the caterer’s stock runs out. Hand them over to the chief protocol to do needful when it becomes necessary.

Let’s plan ahead and do our best to minimize the challenges that usually come with serving food. We want a smooth food service, don’t we?