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About a month ago, I decided to honour a friend’s wedding invitation- the wedding ceremony was scheduled to start at 11:30am. I arrived at the church grounds at noon and by then bride had already arrived and the service was in session. I was impressed. In about two hours, the church service had ended.
On the wedding invitation, we had been informed that reception follows immediately after the service at the named grounds and so ,after taking the group picture with the couple I made my way to the reception grounds.I had contemplated so much on whether to go or not because I had had a very busy morning and I was feeling pretty tired. However, I decided not to be a kill-Joy. So i went. Little did I know what I had signed myself for.
In short, guests sat at the reception grounds for close to two hours before couple arrived. I was not amused at all…I wondered why we will keep our guests waiting for that long. Can’t the exclusives be taken after the reception? Or if the reception was scheduled to start at a particular time why was that not communicated? Or is it a case of “it is our day so everything else does not matter? “I really couldn’t fathom.
Now we arrive extremely late, we won’t hurry & sit too so the programme can start. We will enter with all its associated drama…unbelievable!
I couldn’t take it anymore and so made my exit soon after Mr& Mrs had taken their seat. I left extremely hungry too😔😔😔.
I believe we need to really respect and appreciate it when our guests offer us their precious time to celebrate with us.
Value it, don’t make them wait.