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Wedding Programmes

When we draw up our wedding programmes , please let us ensure we “triple” proof read it.
Kindly ensure that all names are properly written and spelt correctly.
A friend asked me to perform a role at her wedding reception. I was really sad when I looked at my copy of the programme and realised my name was misspelt. Actually, the name there was not mine at all but because of the prior info , I knew that “name” there was mine.
Yes, sometimes it could be pardoned but this was a clear case of negligence. If we are not sure of the name, please let us ask.
On another wedding programme too, most of the pastors and others like the organists had their names misspelt and their roles interchanged. This was someone who worships daily with these individuals.
Honestly, it does not show respect and it tells us you are haphazard.
Kings & Queens do not do that, do they?