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Wedding Day Makeup

A couple of weeks back, I had two male friends ask me why we ladies put on ” heavy ” make -up on our wedding days.
I attempted to explain ,”the wedding day make up is applied differently ”  but I just could not go far with that. Their argument was ” we look entirely different ”. In fact, I could not say anymore because they were right.
Sometimes, the colours  do not blend with our natural skin tone. Our faces look different  , necks and shoulders do not complement each other.
Make-up enhances our natural skin colour but sometimes it just does not come out right.
So again I asked myself the following:

  1. Aside cost and pictures of the person’s work on social media ; what do we look out for before we settle on a particular make up artiste?
  2. Do we tell them the look we want so they offer their professional advice?
  3. Do we request for a trial make-up session so they know the colours that will blend best with our skin? Also considering our wedding colours and hairdo as well?
  4. Even better, do we have a first hand look at the person’s work? Seeing is believing.

We need to “rock” it on our special days. Simple and classy. However, we can only do this if we decide to go the extra mile and not settle for less.

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