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The Protocol

So you have accepted to serve as protocol for your friend or relative’s wedding. Please do not put the matter to rest and just show up on the day. Kindly inquire from your friend or relative what exactly he or she needs you to do. If there is a protocol head, your friend / relative needs to direct you to the protocol head. In my earlier post, I explained that the team head is the liaison between the couple and the other protocol team members. We need to respect that person and take all instructions from him or her.
Now, it is essential for the couple at this point to put all protocol team members on one platform so ideas and feedback can be freely shared. The team head will share the list of our roles on the page. Please do not be passive member. Kindly take note of what you are to do and seek clarification where necessary.
For example, if you are placed in charge of catering , you need to call the caterer at least one week to time to let him/ her know the following:
Time he/ she is to be at the reception grounds
Crosscheck if he/she is familiar with the directions. If not , you do so..
In the case where he/she needs to package some for some people such as the pastors , kindly inform him/her and confirm the number
Find out if there is anything he or she may need. E.g. Takeaway packs. This is very necessary so in the case where that is not his/ her responsibility…you and the team head can organise for some before the D-day.
Now , please let us respect the time the head advices for team members to meet on the day of the event. When you come at the time any neutral guest may arrive, how can issues be spotted early and worked on before it becomes critical?
Protocol members do not leave the event grounds when neutral guests are leaving…you need to stay and ensure that the venue has been properly cleaned and all items have been returned to their proper places. Some venues come with cleaning services but you do not leave them unattended. Ensure the work is done. In cases where the cleaning services may not be part of the venue package, then the protocol team need to do it. Therefore, we all stay up and do needful till the protocol head finally dismisses us.
Dear family members in the protocol team , the above applies to you as well. Many times you just “vanish”…please this is not right.
As protocol members, let us perform our roles to expectation so it can be said of us “Well done, good and faithful servants! You have been faithful with a few things ; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and let’s share the master’s happiness!” Matthew 25:23😊