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The Best Man’s Toast

When the best man ( it could be any other person chosen by the couple ) is called to propose a toast ; sometimes it becomes a struggle. Others too nail it spot on.
We may have varying techniques in doing this however the content of your speech is primarily to:
Lead us to “drink “to the well being of the couple
Briefly start the story of how you know your friend ( groom) met his wife and how he introduced her to you.
You are to prepare the way for the groom to respond to the toast ( how he met his wife).
You should not be found wanting when called upon to deliver this task especially when it is on the programme. Even when it is not on the programme, you may be put on the spot by the MC and so it is better to be prepared.
The whole idea to me is like telling a story…the good thing is you do not have to end it. However, how it is started is crucial. You may excite us or just” kill “our interest .
It’s a love story , catch the fun & start it well.