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The Attention

Truth be told: It is only on your wedding day that almost everyone gives you the extra attention. Well , we may get that from other life’s events but the wedding day has this special appeal.
Therefore my lovely couple ; acting all diplomatic and shy does not help anyone.
In fact, it makes it BORING.
It’s your moment , graciously savour it.
When it’s time to speak ; speak out with confidence and grace. ( Emm, please the Locally Acquired Foreign Accent is someway so please let us not do it)
When it is time to dance , give it your best shot. Do not be looking all tired and be having the ” I can not wait to get out of here ” look.
My sweet bride; if the shoes are hurting at the reception, you can kick them off ( like one bride did).
Let us see by your words and body language that you are both excited to be sharing the day with family and friends.
We are guests , we just add flavour but You ( Mr& Mrs) are the LIFE WIRE at your event. Please do not forget.

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