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Dear friends, please when do you think is the right time for the couple to put all protocol team members on one platform so they can dialogue?πŸΏπŸ‘‚πŸΏπŸ‘‚πŸΏ
Okay so here goes: one week to time is late ; at least three weeks to time is fine. This is necessary because it will give enough time for members to adjust to their roles and plenty of time to nip any unpleasant occurrence in the bud or at least to its barest minimum.
Also, this will give the protocol head enough time to study the “behaviour traits” of members and know who he/she can rely on. If all team members turn out to be committed, then that is Awesome!
My dearest couple , kindly involve the protocol head at the early stage of your planning. This is essential so he/she can let you know what may work better or what may not be ideal per the circumstances. His/ her early involvement will also enable him/her to appreciate why certain things will be done in a particular way so on the day of the event should anyone attempt to instruct otherwise, the protocol head can politely be very firm on that issue.
Mr & Mrs To Be, please & please let family members know who your protocol team head is or at least let them know that there is one. It will help each party if you explain to them the scope of the protocol head’s work so they can all work together peacefully.
Whew, now everything is over and by God’s grace all went well. Mr & Mrs please do not forget to say thank you. Not “cliched thank you” through bulk messaging. This person (s) took time off his/schedule to run your show. Take the pains to place a call or visit to simply say : thank you . And you know we can always tell whether you mean it or not . Your body language always tells.
Please let us not take this for granted.😘

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