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Maid of Honour

I was honoured to be my cousin’s maid of honour seven years ago and that experience left me with profound memories.
During the wedding rehearsal, pastor insisted on our (maid of honour & best man) presence. After taking the couple through what was expected of them ; he turned to us and looking straight into our eyes he said ,” Please do not be cleaning their faces during the Exchange of Vows -Stay Put.”
As I grew on in life ; I understood why. Those moments are very solemn times that need to be given the maximum concentration. The vows are profound and as the couple express them to each other before God and witnesses we need to be supporting them with prayer.
Also, it affords us  a unique time for us to also reflect deeply on our relationships and ask for God’s grace to be better partners.
But what do we sometimes observe ? Whistle blowing , excessive clapping and others.
In fact, many of us are looking forward to “You may  kiss the bride”. That is not a bad anticipation but let us do the needful first.

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