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Impatience & Disrespect

There is this increasing phenomenon that beats my understanding. The occasion that occurs when queuing for buses at designated bus stations and some individuals decide to walk in and by pass everyone in the queue and jump onto the bus. The bus that some people in the queue may have been waiting for ;sometimes thirty minutes or more.
Calls for the individual to fall in line falls on deaf ears. The most annoying are the secondary school students who do this. Gross disrespect. But alas, who else are they learning from?
We are the same people calling for sustainable change in our motherland but how can we see change or change take effect or have effect in our lives when our attitude is nothing to write home about? We are the same people who are leaders in our homes, churches , workplaces and even at the national level. What exactly are we teaching the younger generation?
Let’s rise up and change our ways.