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Glad To Be Back

Wowww.. It has been a long time and I am glad to be back. During these past months, I have been reflecting on the role of the protocol team at wedding ceremonies.
As a couple, why do you choose to have a protocol team? What do you consider before choosing individuals to be part of this team? Do you usually have a specific agenda for them to undertake and so relay their duties specifically to them ? Or we assume they will know what to do?
As an individual, when asked by a friend to be part of his/her protocol team what goes through your mind before accepting the role. I know sometimes we do not have the option to choose, we are just told😊.
My observations over the period show that many of us are at sea as at what goes into the entire protocol role; both on the part of the couple and the protocol team members.
For the couple, is the person you are selecting to be part of your protocol team available to work? Is the individual hardworking? Is he/she a person with initiative? Is this individual teachable ? Does this person listen and humble enough to subject himself/ herself under leadership? Is this person reliable?
After selecting your protocol team, you need to delegate leadership to one person and clearly let the other team members and FAMILY know that as well.
Now the leader of the protocol team serves as a liaison between the couple and the team and in fact any other service provider. On your special day the couple cannot have their eyes everywhere and so the protocol Team serves as the couple’s EYE in ensuring the smooth running of the ceremony. We will talk about our roles as protocol members soon. Until then ; as bride and groom we need to know that, our protocol ” eyes” are precious and we need to handle them with care.