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Dress Code

This is hard but I will  say it…
It is unladylike to have pieces of our underwear clothing showing on the outside. For example: panty lines drawn in our skirts, trousers & dresses. Bra straps and sometimes  the back of the bra itself. In some cases , some try to even match their bra straps with the colour of their blouses-no, no,no. In fact , the list is endless. These are not accepted on any other day and more especially on our wedding days when we are the queens of the day. Being a queen is not only by wearing our queenly gowns…it’s an embodiment of many things and the subject under discussion here is one of them.
We really need to earn the queenly respect and this must transcend to the ladies on the bridal team as well.
There are many accessories in any good lingerie shop that can be of assistance to us. For example: get a seamless underwear ( panty & the under shorts if u prefer) for the body con ( those clothes “lie “on our body p3p3p33 due to the nature of its fabric )clothing.
Get a good and comfortable strapless bra that will hold up the breasts firmly ( saggy is not cool) and nicely when we are in a strapless bra or gown that’s likely to show the straps.
If the back of our dress is low cut; let us get the appropriate bra.
Many times I know we know these things our showing but we dismiss them, saying to ourselves Ohhh many people do that and so we will not notice.
Sweet, some will surely notice and the ladylike admiration we have for you will diminish.

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