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Are you Reliable?

I was in a hair salon waiting for my turn when a lady walked in hurriedly. She said she was going for a wedding and so needed attention immediately.
While her hair was being worked on, she said she was really late for this wedding and that she had planned just to go for the reception only . Some minutes later, she had a call and was informed that the wedding service was almost over.
Still my lady in her relaxed mood said, “Ohh I’m even at the gifts’ table oo….” I said to myself ,”Wow you know you are at the gifts’ table and you are here at 2pm not even dressed for a ceremony that was scheduled at noon?
This made me realise that some may not know the crucial role the gifts’ custodian plays. In my opinion, it is a position of trust and we need to carry it out with a full sense of responsibility.
So what do you when the groom or bride informs you that you will be at the gifts table?
About a week to time, ask the person ( bride/ groom or both) who entrusted the role to you , WHO( name & description) you are to give the presents to after all is said and done.
Ask who you are to take the gift favours from and kindly ask them to include a notebook and a packet of envelopes.
On the day, ensure you arrive in good time for the ceremony and ensure the gifts’ table is set up.
Before the service ends, kindly take your seat at the table since some guests may leave immediately afterwards and may want to present their gifts.
If the reception is at a different location, ensure your table is set up there & you need to arrive early.
Please keep the records well- for me I usually number each item and the same number is given to the details ( name and phone number ) of the individual in the records book.
At the end of the day, reconcile all items received with what you and your team may have written down.
One needs to be very attentive; every item must be recorded and ensure they are all under close watch.
After all is said and done; kindly hand over the items plus the records book to the individual the couple TOLD YOU TO HAND OVER TO not any other person you deem appropriate or who may come up to you to ask for them. Your responsibility is to the couple solely…if you do otherwise and an issue comes up late you may be held responsible.

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