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Another hard one but I need to say it too…
At the gifts’ table , we insist on getting the details ( name and phone number) of the individuals who present gifts to the couple. I thought the idea behind that was for the couple to call and say thank you.
But for some reasons I cannot fathom , some couples do not do that.
Why do you take our phone numbers then?
Yes, we receive gift favours but to CALL and say thank you means a lot.
It tells us that, you really appreciate our presence and present ( if applicable). In this day that we all have busy schedules ; making time for a loved one’s programme is something we ( couples) should not take for granted.
When we miss out on these things or we brush them off, it connotes a certain meaning-that we are simply not polite.
An individual’s name may not be in the gifts’ record book; however I believe each person you find there surely gave you something.
If it is not at the gifts’ table, it may be during the offertory , transportation fare/ fuel or even his/ her precious TIME.
All these and more are gifts we offer wholeheartedly to you.
Let us learn to appreciate all these…saying thank you with the wedding favour is not enough and overlooking it too is worse.
Please let us do the right thing.